Weights and Pups

Hey!  I had my weigh in this morning.  It has been the same in the past 4 weeks which amazes me.  I was eating 1200 cals and now i’m eating 1600-1700 and LOTS of yummy carbs!  I’m feeling better and patiently waiting for my body to like the food and start to shrink again.

Watching the scale increase no matter what I did was discouraging but I know it was my bodies way of telling me to SLOW DOWN.  I am listening and running and lifting at speeds i’ve never dreamed of.  Sure my pants size is increasing too but i’m okay with that right now.  It’s mentally easier knowing i’m fueling my body right and not over exerting it.  Here’s how my typical week looks:

Sunday – 35 min SS run

Monday – Chest/Triceps

Tuesday – Quads/ 25 mins HIIT

Wednesday – REST (for real)

Thursday – Back/Shoulders – 35 mins SS run

Friday – Hamstrings/Biceps

Saturday – 25 mins HIIT

Short and Sweet!  Simple and effective.


In other news….Here’s my puppy!  We get it 4/21!

Ruby and pups

And my other “puppy”






  1. Listen to what is right for you! 🙂 LOVE the puppies!

  2. My goodness.. how cute ! What a happy family you must be 🙂

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