Move it!

I love to workout.  I do get bored with cardio since I only have a treadmill here at home.  I’ve been finding cardio routines though that keep my interest! 

  1. 50 in the blink of an eye
  2. 8.5 on the Richter Scale
  3. Good Sweat
  4. Interval 8-9-10
  5. 20 min workout
  6. Em’s 45 min incline walk
  7. Em’s fun treadmill workout
  8. Em’s shredmill workout
  9. Em’s shredmill workout II
  10. Lishia’s heart thumper
  11. Lishia’s Thursday Thriller
  12. 30 Minute Walk/Run


  1. Gotta love the shred mill! Great blog. Love your words of inspirtation!



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