Detox Day 17

Detox Day 17

Only 4 more days until I can drink a Coke and eat pizza.  Not really.  I am going to try my best to stick with natural sweeteners.  I think my NOatmeal will taste better with some sweetness.  I was raised on sugary cereal so I like a bit of sweetness for breakfast.  Eggs and bacon are for dinner if you ask me.

During our pitch in yesterday I went to get my EMPTY dish that I had the Oreo balls in.  The lady coordinating it said April I haven’t seen you in here all day.  I just smiled and some other guy said that’s because she is one of those organic girls.  LOL!  That just made me laugh.


Pumpkin coconoatmeal

Crockpot apples(found my stomach likes cooked better than raw)

STARVING – roasted baby carrots at home during lunch, good thing I had those suckers in the fridge!

Spaghetti squash and chicken

Tilapia cooked in coconut milk and tomato paste, kale cooked in macadamia nut oil with coconut aminos

Chocolate mug cake

Be Prepared!

My fridge is never empty!

Detox Day 16

DETOX day 16

For the past couple of days I’ve been VERY bloated and gassy.  Ibelieve the culprits could be avocado, apples, nuts, or onions.  I would hate to think it’s my beloved tomato paste.  I’ll be doing some experimenting.  I feel MUCH better today.

I’ve read some people experience constipation when they eliminate grains.  I have the opposite problem.  From someone that used to have chronic constipation I’m not complaining.

Meals(great intro)

Pumpkin cocoNOatmeal ❤

Apples + greek yogurt cup

Spaghetti squash and chicken

Stuffed spaghetti squash

Pumpkin mug cake

1T coconut butter (oops)

Good eats!  We had a pitch in at work.  I made Oreo balls…they apparently were a hit because they’re gone!  I had to hear about all the sugar comas and woe is me comments all day.

Detox Day 14 and 15

I had a great weekend!  I visited my mom and grandma yesterday plus The Walking Dead started.


Meals yesterday: Day 14


Noatmeal – YUM!


Rotisserie chicken and spaghetti squash with tomato paste and a mozzarella stick(trying to go no dairy but didn’t work)


Pumpkin pancakes with almond butter


Pork roast and baby carrots


Chocolate mug cake



Day 15


Pumpkin pancakes made with 1 less egg white


Snack – almonds


Crockpot apples – 8 slices, pistachios


Spaghetti squash and chicken


Tilapia cooked in coconut milk and tomato paste, baby carrots, salad with raw coconut aminos


Paleo pumpkin mug cake for one





Detox Day 13

So that recipe below was a HUGE success.  I tasted a slice and I can’t wait to eat those for meal 2 next week.  I was leery of the apple because it was giving me a sugar buzz but I ate one at lunch yesterday and had LOTS of energy.



I’m thinking after this detox i’m going to try my best to stay sugar free.  This means no more protein powder cakes *sniff sniff*.  I will use REAL sweeteners like raw honey.  These are thoughts right now.  I do miss the sweetness in my coffee I am not going to lie.


Today I got up and got on the treadmill.  Just a little bit ago I did a kettle bell workout.  It was fun and a good change up from standard lifting.


I used to think my mom was some awesome cook when she would get out her crockpot and make beef, carrots and potatoes.  Now I realize the crockpot is doing all the work.  I’ve never made a meal like that for Mike so he’s in for a surprise tomorrow 🙂 I’m using pork though because…blech…beef is still nasty to me.

13 October, 2012 09:58

Something yummy is taking place.

Detox Day 11

Did I skip a day somewhere?


Day 11!


I haven’t had any sugars but I think I’m going a little heavy on the almond butter.  I need to reel it in.




1 cup pumpkin, 2T flax meal, 1 egg, 1T unsweetened coconut flakes, 1T almond butter(mix and heat for 3 mins)


Ground chicken, baby carrots and green beans


Turkey, green beans


Pork chop, kale cooked in coconut oil(maybe if my stomach is feeling better)


½ avocado, unsweetened cocoa powder, almond milk = pudding



One thing I have experienced more of is heartburn?  Very intense.  Odd.  I’m also VERY bloated today.  So bloated it hurts to walk.  Which is what I did outside for 45 mins instead of my “real” workout.

Detox Day 8 and 9

Another day in paradise. 🙂  I woke up at 530a feeling great.  I worked my back and ran 4 miles tonight.


Have I mentioned Mike and I went mountain bike riding a few weekends ago?  OMG!  NEVER again.  I’m NOT a thrill seeker.  Now that I look back on it, it was fun but not something I would want to do all the time.  One slip and you’re a goner!


Anyway…I’m still sugar and fake sugar free!  For me it’s more about the fake sugar.


Pumpkin pancakes (these would be so much better with Waldens’ sugar free syrup) HA!

Ground chicken, green beans, carrots

Turkey, green beans, tomato sauce

Buffalo, sautéed Kale in coconut oil, broccoli, cauliflower, carrot mix

Pumpkin mug cake, ½ cup pumpkin, 2T of flax meal, 1T of almond milk, ¼ tsp baking powder, cinnamon, 2 egg whites, mix and microwave for 3 mins

Day 10

I woke up at 510a and hopped on the treadmill for 2 miles.  I don’t set my alarm to go off until 550a.  If I wake up before it then so be itJ  It’s a good feeling.

Egg whites, avocado, salsa

Raw almonds – hungry

Leftover stuffed spaghetti squash

Turkey, green beans, tomato sauce

Green beans and carrots after my workout chest + 4 miles

Tilapia, zuchinni and carrots

Detox Day 8

It’s been a great Monday!  I woke up with energy, got in a quick 2 miler before work, ate foods that were nutritious and fueled my body, and then after work I hit my shoulders and got in some sprints.

Meals went:

Pumpkin pancakes

Ground chicken burger(meat left over from stuffed peppers), baby carrots, green beans, avocado

Turkey and green beans

Stuffed pepper, baby carrots

Last night I got crafty and made this bread.  I had a little sliver and it was so good!  I used pumpkin instead of applesauce.  I will for sure be making this again.

Angela and I are starting to get our plans together for the Arnold!  EXCITING!  It’s been way too long since we’ve seen each other.

Week 1 Sugar Detox Complete

How was your weekend?  Mine was great and it’s still going.  Mike went to play paintball all day yesterday and when he got back at 1130p last night he woke me up.  He had gotten in a wreck.  Not him per se but his car was involved.  He was stopped at a red light and 2 cars crossing in front of him collided and one truck hit his car.  He has a rental right now and a bump on his head.  I just thank God it wasn’t any worse and the cars weren’t speeding.


Detox was great this week.  I’ve stuck to the rules.  I have eaten so much cauliflower and need to stop after my last head is gone.  It does a number on me.  This week i’m trying to eliminate dairy but since I made my scrumptious spaghetti squash I have 3 more left over and i’m NOT wasting it.  Mike won’t eat it but i’ll be happy to.

Today in the crockpot i’m cooking this marvelous meal.  I had left over meat so I made 3 more patties and baked them.  I just had one for lunch and it was yummy.  I am getting ready to roast carrots and green beans.  I love Sundays!!!

This morning I had pancakes again.  I ate them at 730a and I didn’t get hungry until 1230p.  Typically i’d be freaking out and thinking I needed to eat in 2 or 3 hours but i’m trying to stop that thinking.  I’m not sure if I will ever be able to but at least i’m giving it a shot.  If competing IS your thing than by all means I understand.

I will say that I do miss sweet coffee but i’ll live.  What girls doesn’t like something sweet?  I can put raw honey in it and I did buy some so i’ll give it a shot.  I haven’t missed the protein powder creations one bit.  I think I need to make this fudge to replace it LOL!

Could you give up artificial sweetener?  I have been using Stevia instead of aspartame.  According the detox the only stevia you can use is the green and not the white.  I probably wouldn’t like that as much 🙂  I’ll try some raw honey and see what happens.  I bet I get a buzz!  WOOHOO!

Speaking of…try this workout.  It doesn’t look tough but it’s KILLER!


Stuffed Spaghetti Squash

Stuffed Spaghetti Squash.


Dinner tonight!

6 October, 2012 07:13

Pancake success!

4 egg whites
1/2 cup of organic pumpkin
2T almond flour
1/4 tsp baking powder

Top with whatever you want. I chose unsweetened coconut flakes.

Detox Day 5

Slow going today.  TOM came and it’s a beast.  I took a rest yesterday and just walked outside last night since it’s probably the last nice warm day.  It’s cooled down a lot today and it’s raining.    I’m still SUGAR FREE!

When I got home tonight I went straight to my bed and took a nap.  Again, i’m blaming TOM. I am having HORRIBLE cramps….HORRIBLE.


Breakfast was the same minus 1 egg white


Salad with chicken, raw coconut aminos, mushrooms and roasted carrots(so good)


Coconut macaroons(needed something) these were homemade from the 21 day detox book…I modified the recipe using only egg whites.  It called for the whole egg but I’m not there yet.  That’s a perk of being able to go home on your lunch hour J.


Turkey, green beans and tomato paste


Tilapia cooked in coconut milk and tomato paste and zuchinni noodles cooked in coconut oil.  I just discover my mandoline can make those noodles.  Yep, i’ve only had the sucker for 10 years.

Detox Day 4

Day 4!  I’m still sugar free.  Is this supposed to be hard?  I noticed after I ate an apple yesterday that I felt like I had eaten a real cookie so today I changed up my second meal.


We’re having a pitch in today at work.  I brought sweet potato chips and mary’s gone crackers.  I love to bake but I didn’t have much notice and I had these things in the pantry.


Meals today.


2 eggs, 2 egg whites, lots of veggies and salsa eggs cooked in mac nut oil


Salad with crockpot pork roast, tomatoes, mushrooms and raw coconut aminos, sprays of EVOO


Snacked on some raw almonds


Turkey, green beans and tomato paste

Tilapia made in lite coconut milk and tomato paste, cauliflower rice


Cottage cheese, coconut flakes, almond butter


After my cottage cheese is gone I’m going to replace it with something else.  Don’t think I’m replacing the creamer I have in my coffee.


Detox Day 3

I’m still going strong and feeling great!  I am not tired at night although I am able to fall asleep.  I woke up this morning bright up and bushy tailed 🙂


Melissa I wanted to try the sugar free pumpkin and mocha peppermint creamers 😦  Boo on you!  LOL!


I’m trying to decide on what all i’ll cook this weekend for my eats next week.  If anything this has brought the cook out in me again which I love but more importantly Mike loves.

I love PaleOMG.  She is a genius. No, i’m not eating Paleo but they don’t eat alot of sugars and grains so it’s easy to find recipes on their site.

Detox Day 2

Still going strong!  I’m feeling good.  I wasn’t tired when I woke up this morning which had been happening lately.  I’m such a morning person that I was starting to get scared.

Eventually i’m going to start doing a bit of early morning cardio again.  Just enough to get the heart going and endorphins rolling.  I’ll skip it this week because I don’t want to over do it in the first week.


Meals were pretty much the same except for meal 2 I had a banana, walnuts, and egg whites with a T of organic pumpkin.  It was really good.


I had started to get sick of oatmeal which is why this is easier than it would have been a few months ago.  I still can’t believe i’m eating veggies at breakfast.


That’s enough babble for today 😀

Detox Day 1

I’m sugar and fake sugar free WOOHOO!  It feels good.  Yesterday was spent making WAY too much food.  I found my food processor and was playing around 🙂  I have lean beef, pork chops, pork roast, veggies, muffins, and cauliflower rice all ready to eat for the week.  My favorite thing is this recipe.  OMG is right!  TRY IT!  Specifically the avocado slaw.  Mike even ate it!

No Sugar No Sugar, No Flour   Week 1 .

My meals today are as follows:

  • 730a
  • coffee with half and half
  • 2 whole eggs cooked in a bit of macadamia nut oil
  • 200g of roasted veggies
  • 1 coconut flour muffin
  • 11a
  • tart green apple(i’m a gala girl, this took me about 45 mins to eat)
  • 20g walnuts
  • 1 piece string cheese
  • 245p
  • Starbucks Venti Americano with half and half
  • turkey
  • green beans
  • 1 T of tomato paste(don’t ask, i love the stuff)

Worked shoulders and did HIIT for 40 mins.  4 miles total

Steam cleaned kitchen and hallway floors.  I guess I just have energy 🙂

  • 645p
  • lean pork chop
  • cauliflower rice
  • sauteed kale in a bit of coconut oil

I’m not sure if i’ll need a snack or not.  If I do this chocolate mug cake looks pretty good.  I’ll have to leave the honey out 🙂

***EDIT – I had 1/2 cup of 4% fat cottage cheese, 1 tsp unsweetened coconut flakes and 1T of almond butter as a snack…probably mostly out of boredom..Mike’s at school

What do you like in your coffee?  I am a stevia girl but now that I am not using that I have found I REALLY love the taste of coffee with just cream.  YIPPEE!


I’m starting the 21 Day Sugar Detox Diet on Oct 1st.  I am ready to feel the energy and hopefully more positive results.

Do you experience…


  • sugar or carb cravings? – hmmmm…not yet ha ha
  • energy spikes and dips throughout the day? – yes
  • fatigue, lethargy, depression or anxiety? – yes
  • brain fog or cloudy thinking/trouble concentrating? – yes
  • hunger that goes from mild to intense very quickly? – i’m good at tuning it out


People say “But April, you don’t eat any sugar”.  I kind of do.  I live off of protein powder.  I love it!  I also use low carb ketchup sometimes and sugar free jellies.  Sure these things are “sugar free” but it’s fake sugar and not good for you.  I even started using sugar free creamer again.


I’ve been reading  about the detox and the thing I’m most excited about is cooking again.  I need to find my food processor first.


After I purchased the diet it told me to wait to start until Oct 1st.  I will get emails to support me along my way.


This shouldn’t be hard for me.  The hardest is eating real food and not eating oats for breakfast.  There are MANY other things to choose from.  There are 3 levels and if you’ve never done the detox it recommends you start at level 1 so this is what I’ll do.


I don’t think I’m going to weigh.  I may take pictures to see if I see a change or just go by the weigh I’m feeling.


So i’ll try and let you know how it’s going!

I Love It!

I’m a sucker for infomercials.  I love watching them and typically I don’t buy the products they’re selling.  I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond this weekend and saw the Orgreenic Pans and thought they were probably too good to be true.

I figured since I could always bring it back because B,B and B are good like that I may as well give it a shot.

So far i’ve made tilapia, veggies, egg white pancakes and ground extra lean turkey in it and it hasn’t stuck AT ALL.  Plus no more PAM!!

Just thought I would share 🙂

No one is paying me to do this 😉  I just know how most of us love to cook!







Biceps and Triceps WOD.

20 – barbell curls superset tricep dips with feet on stability ball – 30 lbs

15 – cable curls superset tricep rope pull downs – 25 lbs

10 – hammer curls superset tricep kick backs – 15’s/12’s

6 – incline curls superset behind the head tricep extension with 1 dumbbell – 15’s/ 25 lbs

10 mins cardio of choice

repeat 3 times