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Listen To Your Body

There are many ways in which your body will let you know it’s ailing…sometimes for years before you will acknowledge it. Sadly, many people will ignore common symptoms and pass them off as typical “aging” or on par for the course in their “fitness” quest. Here are just a few examples of things NOT to …

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Great Blog Post!

Eventually I will start blogging more.  Until then this is a great article and explains some of why I haven’t blogged lately.  I could have written it. Blog Post by Clare Ross – INBA Figure Superstar It’s been 2 years since I last competed and let me tell you it has been a difficult time! …

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Important Message

Long time no talk!  I’m still here.  Mike and I went to Ft Lauderale for Thanksgiving.  I came back weighing the most i’ve weighed in almost my entire life OMG!  It was fun although I didn’t feel like myself.  It was almost the kick in the pants that I needed to get myself back. I’ve …

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