This is about my journey to find peace with myself.  2 years ago I started with Dreambodies.net and it was the best decision I ever made!  I’ve competed in figure competitions and not only that but I am comfortable in a bikini now.  I am trying to find a balance between a competition physique and an everyday physique.  I am an avid weigher and I KNOW that’s not how I want to be.  That number really affects my mood.  For now i’m content with myself and my life is changing and i’m anxious to see where I go! However that doesn’t mean i’m not pushing 100%!! I am striving to mold my physique every single day!

 Facts about me:

  • I have had every bone in my body broken and have died twice in my life.
  • I have a younger sister and I could NOT imagine life without her even though I told mom and dad to take her back when she was born.
  • I was recently laid off after working the same job for 12 years.  Now i’m trying to decide what I want to do when I grow up.
  • I have worked out and obsessed with weight since I was 12 years old.
  • I have my Associates in Business and Travel and Hospitality…thanks 9/11.
  • I HATE watermelon!
  • I met my husband in a club…we’ve been married almost 10 year 8/7/99
  • I am NOT a runner yet I do at least 6 miles a day

College Photo  

Oh boy, this picture is really named OMG!

 Before and After 

Getting there.....

Getting there.....

 Funny thing, on the right I was so happy that I had lost 11 lbs.  I weighed 122 lbs in that pic.  Now if you look below in the brown bikini I weighed about the same.  Amazing what the body looks like at the same weight when you are eating correctly and are training and molding your body.

This is what I mean about comp body and regular body and finding a happy median

That's some SERIOUS comp dieting there

That's some SERIOUS comp dieting there HA!

Real Life
So I KNOW i'm not FAT in this picture but I feel chubby

 I’m a little heavier in that pic than I want to be but i’m not disappointed.  Weight is 121, overall goal is to be between 113~115 lbs.  I’m 5’3 in case you’re worried about that weight 😉

 Competition Posts

Why Compete? 

 As of April 2011 I joined the amazing Bombshell Team.  I’ve enjoyed EVERY second of it!!




  1. wow, amazing! I just found your blog and love it!

  2. I did not know that about dying twice..I’d love to know more about that if you’re willing to share?

    I understand the working out and weight obsessions..

  3. redhead75

    I was ran over by a car when I was 5. That’s when the every bone in my body broken happened too LOL! The Drs. didn’t expect me to live and if I did then I wouldn’t be able to walk right. Well look at me now! I can even walk in 5″ heels…sort of 😉

  4. AGS

    This is a great blog, and I plan to check back regularly! For the last 10 months, I have been working to eat clean, and also following a good work-out routine (including plenty of weight training). The results have been great! My weight hasn’t gone down a lot, but I feel and look great. Even my husband, who had no interest in health and fitness, changed his tune when he saw my results — and now is eating clean and exercising, too.

    I want to compete, but am not sure I could commit to the type of limited eating that would require. Would you mind sharing, at some point, about how you got into figure competitions? Also, could you talk about the difference between your work-outs/eating when training for a competition (vs. now — in “real life”).

    • redhead75

      Sure that would be a great blog! I’ll work on that one 😀

  5. Just found your blog from Kelly O’s! You’re such an inpiration!!

  6. Thanks for commenting on my blog! You’re beautiful 🙂

    I added you to my blogroll, by the way.

  7. You look amazing…even better….at 121 vs comp pic.

  8. I think you look just awesome in all the pics! The last one is my favorite though!

  9. I just clicked your “About” tab for the first time. LOL I think you look soo completely smokin’ HOT in the brown bikini! Then again, I like to see the curves that God gave us women. 😀

    No matter what, you’re just gorgeous…inside AND out!!

  10. Juat came upon your blog and I can’t wait to learn more about you. I’ve been thinking about fitness competitions for a couple years ago. I’m going to check out dream bodies.

  11. I am curious on how you broke every bone in your entire body?? Including your spine??

    • No spine breakage 😉 My right arm wasn’t broke either.

      I was ran over by a car when I was 5.

  12. Wow you look amaing darlin’!

  13. DMay

    We’re the same size. I would love to stay around 115 too but that’s impossible eating all these carbs. Muscle building is key right now! I guess I’m okay with that.

  14. Love your blog! I just found it from Janetha B’s! I can’t wait to keep reading! I will be using some of your workouts and recipes, especially after I have my baby in April!

  15. Heyy I really like your blog!!
    Come check out mine as well 🙂

  16. you look gorgeous!

  17. I just found your blog. So glad!

  18. Wow, you have gotten some crazy results!

  19. Wow your transformation is amazing. You have inspired many women I’m sure by sharing your journey.

  20. Hey girl! I struggle with the same. I have no idea how I will maintain and what weight that will be after this show. I”m not extremely lean yet – 15.5% bf right now I think and 4 weeks to go. Thanks SOOOO much for your encouragement on my blog today!!! It helped more than you know!!!

  21. hayleycepeda

    I think you look fantastic April, whether you’re competing or not. I didn’t realize what an incredible journey you’d taken – you’ve come quite a way! I hope you are proud of yourself…you SHOULD be!! 🙂

  22. Great blog! You look beautiful.

  23. I also told my parents to take my little sister back when she was born! And my mom always said that one day I would thank them and tell them that she was the best gift they had ever given to me. Well, I believed them by the time I was 18. There’s nothing like a younger sister ❤

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  25. I like the real life pic 🙂 I’m 5’3″ too and my weight ranges around in there 🙂

  26. You look awesome! What an inspiration!!

    • Thanks! 🙂

  27. Hey April,

    I woke up this morning and immediately wanted to contact you to find out more details about your liquid food days…I am currently recovered from a bad stress/depression/binge eating induced bout of really bad IBS back in June, and so today my body and eating is back on track, but I had a bigger than average eating day yesterday, and I am keeping it light today..but I was really curious as to how you go about your liquid days because I have little experience with them.

    Would you be willing to email me some info as to how you go about them yourself?

    Love your blog btw, and the most recent Boomer post – very cute!!

  28. Amy

    wow, just found ur blog u look amazing. I’m 5″4″ and 106 pounds but I’m trying to really turn what I have into muscle. I’ve been weight training for a year and my upper body looks great but my lower still lacks definition. I’ve thought of cutting back on carbs and upping protein. Any suggestions? I get about 150 grams protein a day now and I do a carb at every meal such as oatmeal at breakfast, a gluten free wrap at lunch, 3/4 cup rice at dinner. 4ozs. protein at every meal, snacks contain 20 grams protein and a shake before bed.

  29. I’m NOT an expert but I will tell you what I would do. HEAVY squats to build the muscle. You must already be lean because your weight is low for 5’4. How old are you? Muscle takes time to build for most also. When I need my legs to be lean and show the muscle I have to sprint my booty off. Most people will tell you that you don’t need cardio blah blah but everyone is different.

    I get my carbs from oats in the morning and veggies the rest of the day. When I need to be lean I don’t do wraps or rice. Maybe a sweet potato here and there. AGAIN…seems you are lean enough and don’t need to drop any food. Possibly eat a sweet potato instead of the wrap for lunch. I’m not sure what’s in that but it may be processed. If you need anything else feel free to email me!!!

  30. Amy

    Hi April, I will def email you. I’m 40 years old. It seems when I drop my carbs I lose weight. I do some cardio but not alot. What do u think of the ezekiel breads? I think I may have a wheat intolerance. It bloats me so does dairy. I do greek yogurt but thats about it for dairy and protein shakes of course Dymatize Elite.

    • Ezekiel breads are great. I also love the breads from Julian Bakery. All natural and they do make a gluten free one as well.

      Wheat and dairy bloat me too. Out of no where I can’t tolerate them. I dropped them and lost about 7 lbs in 8 weeks.

      • Amy

        Wow, do u have issues with the ezekiel? Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t its weird. So u pretty much keep ur carbs breakfast and then lunch and dinner veggies? I upped my protein from 4 ozs to 6 ozs. and cut back my carbs and got severly constipated so today I did my usual 4 ozs. and black beans as my carb at dinner and a wrap at lunch and seem to be fine. I’m just afraid by eating so much carbs I’m not going to show the definition like I would if I was lower carb higher protein? So confusing

        • I can’t tolerate the Ezekiel..or black beans 🙂 If I want “bread” I make it with almond flour, an egg white and baking powder. That or I buy the GF Julian bakery bread but it’s $$$.

          Yes I only do the starchy carb at breakfast. Maybe once or twice a week i’ll throw in a carb at lunch but not everyday. My body loves fat and protein.

          I used to be SEVERELY constipated. Once I started eating properly it eased up a bit but now I use Nutra Fiber flakes and they are my saviour. I don’t get anything from telling anyone about them either 😉 They just have lots of fiber and keep my colon happy LOL! I do eat lots of protein so they help out.

          • Try “food for life” brown rice tortillas. They are glutenfree and easy to digest…they make great wraps!

            Also, use homemade hummus instead of black beans. Or, soak ur beans for 12hrs or more before cooking. Pureeing them always helps. U can also make hummus with peas

            Eziekial is sprouted, but its still wheat

            Corn tortillas (non gmo) are also great

            U can make veggie burgers with beans, sweet potatoes, rice, veggies

            Try a green smoothie for breakfast

            If u need more ideas, let me know. Im a PT, CNC, nurse, and have lots of experience with fitness and digestive issues

  31. Amy

    can u email me the recipe for the bread and where do I get the nutraflakes? amynyc@comcast.net

  32. Wow your pictures are so inspiring! 6 miles a day? I say you’re a runner! 🙂

  33. Sandy Hayashi

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  35. Girl-you look freaking UH-MAZING. I would love to have a flat stomache with a 6 pack- but I just keep workin workin and workin- hopefully one day I will….

  36. Emma Stone


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