*Redhead’s recipes

The food of a figure competitor can be somewhat boring, bland, and very repetitive.  I’m on a mission to make my food look yummy!  Not to mention the mission to not have a “fear” of certain foods.
Love the purple!

Love the purple!

Fruit is da bomb!

Fruit is da bomb!


  1. Fruit is da bomb. Fo’ shizzle

  2. ana

    whats the purple stuf??

  3. redhead75

    cottage cheese and blackberries in the magic bullet 🙂

  4. dishin

    Thanks for linking to my blog. You look amazing! Congrats!! I also like that you’re a redhead too. Woohoo!

  5. I do the same thing with my rice cakes, but use greek yogurt and honey. YUM!

  6. Ohh I forgot to tell you I would want to try your protein cake if I won!


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