Organic Wheat Grass- This is so refreshing and good.  I started off with this and fell in love!  I can’t get enough of it.  It keeps me regular too 😉 

choco sf  

Chocolate Superfood – Holy YUM!  This was even better than the wheat grass.  I had a scoop mixed with 6 oz of chocolate almond milk before my workout and i’ll admit I stayed on the treadmill longer!  I’m also sitting waiting to get hungry…me?  That’s never a problem 🙂 

green bar  

Original Whole Food Energy Bar – Mike and I split one of these after his and my third workout 😉  I thought is was AMAZING!  No wonder this stuff has the word amazing in the title.  Mike spit his out.  I guess you need to have the “healthy” taste buds.  I really liked it though and it was filling and had a bit of crunch from the seeds. 


KIDZ Superfood – Man, if I had kids I would be putting this in their milk.  Check out what’s in it!  Just click the jar.  It was super tasty too!  




Chocolate Whole Food Energy Bar –  THESE SHOULD BE ILLEGAL!!!!!!!   ♥♥♥♥♥  

Green superfood

Green SuperFood Drink Powder – Not real crazy about this although the ingredients are greatAM_Large_Combo400x295

I was not crazy about the pomegranate mango infusion but that’s just me.  It was the last one I tried knowing i’m not a fruity type person 🙂 


BE FINE – Wonderful Skin Care 




YIPPEE!  I love sampling!

YIPPEE! I love sampling!

 Flavors I sampled:   

  1. Pistachio
  2. Chocolate Conconut Chew
  3. Peanut Butter Cookie
  4. Banana Bread
  • They were all yummy!  Especially the PB cookie.  I can’t say I would eat these all the time though because they are very high in sugar for my likings.  Actually if my trainer knew I tried them he’d probably give me an earful so please don’t tell HA!
Love 002
Almond Butter :  Very good, nice texture and has some sweetness to it!
Oganic Peanut Butter:
Peanut Butter w/ flax seeds:  I absolutely adore this PB!  I love how you can feel the seeds in your mouth as well 🙂
I was VERY worried about trying these.  I have not found a stevia yet that doesn’t leave a bitter aftertaste.  To my surprise these are very good!  Mike even likes them!
  • Ginger Ale –  Doesn’t taste like ginger ale but it’s more like Sprite without being sugary
  • Orange Soda – Mike drank this and I took a sip and WOW!  I wish I wouldn’t have let him have it (Mike has requested more of this please)
  • Root Beer – Holy smokes!  This tastes JUST like root beer!  I’ll be hitting up Nature’s Pharm for this
  • Cola – Not a fan
  • Cherry – YUMMY!


KOMBUCHA TEA!  I was sent 1 of every flavor…still not sure which is my fave. 

Love 004

I'll let you know which is my fave now Kelly O!





I have tried 2 of these flavors.  Chocolate Peanut Butter and Chocolate Fig.  These were both AMAZING!  Mike will be in charge of eating the others.  I am now in “prep” mode so i’m sad.  I will tell you he LOVES them so far though!   



Love 001 

My review 

I am in LOVE with the sweetened cacao nibs! 



Love 002 

I’m so glad I was sent these wonderful products.  I have been afraid of Stevia since i’ve only tasted the bitterness in it.  I’m am SO stinking excited about all of these!  Everyone of them taste great and the best part is ZERO aftertaste.  I PROMISE you!  This stuff will last awhile because you only need a tiny bit and your oats, tea, coffee or whatever you need sweetness in.  I’m a consumer for life…or until they tell us Stevia causes cancer.  


Cookout anyone?

Cookout anyone?

Applegate Farms 


 Love 003 

Zone Perfect bars-Abbot Nutrition 

Mike’s Review 



These were so much fun to eat!  Thanks Carrington Farms! 



No more boring salads 🙂  Click here for my review! 



Bora Bora bar review 



Artisana Review 



Jullian Bakery

Muscle Milk Light   


Wooha Gear   

Zak Designs   

Foods Alive 

Easy Lunchboxes 

Coach’s Oats


Popculture bars and oatmeal


Flamous Brands Falafel Chips

Quest Bars


Chunks of Energy








  1. LMAO @ Mike spitting his out!

  2. Tea

    hmmm Maybe I should try this stuff, I’ll see if I can get my hands on any here. Its not like …grass is it? its looks powdered, unless thats just the one container.

  3. The best Lara bar is the Cashew Cookie and a very close second is the peanut butter cookie of course 🙂

  4. So I knew you wrote about some of the things I bought today… haha… cacao nibs, amazing grass… haven’t you done something on hemp or chia seeds? Anyway… glad to know you’ve tried these. 😉 Thanks for the reviews.

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