You’re invited!

First the answer to my quiz 🙂

I just love the one peaking through the deck.  His name is Xander.  Greta, far left, Levi, center, and Beau the fur behind the chairs.  That’s Boomer’s boyfriend.  He barks at the other dogs when she is around.  He also started talking to Mike when he was wrestling with Boomer.


Thanks again for all the great comments.  It’s nice to hear other opinions and possible solutions to my problems.  I’m going to stick with my no grain diet since that’s what I feel best on.  I hate it because I have some oats I need to review 😦  I’ll review them in due time.


My mom was looking at my blog and told me how disgusting I looked in the “skinny” picture.  People who know me realize that isn’t normal.  I shouldn’t pretend to be something i’m not.  My body doesn’t like to be thin.  It likes to have some meat on it.  Not to mention my husband likes it with meat on it.  I just have an odd fat holding body but it’s mine and i’ll deal with it. 


I’m guessing alot of my frustration is out of my control.  This pill i’m on is when this all started.  When the extra chub started that is.  I’m no longer sleeping until 8a so hopefully once my body is used to it the weight will drop as well.  I also have to remember I had my cruise, started this pill, was homeless and stressed and ate chocolate cheerios HA!


We’re having a housewarming party and you all are invited this weekend!  Hamburgers, brats and corn hole!!  Mike’s oldest sister is making macaroni salad mmmm….she makes it so good.  Of course my stomach will be hurting Sunday 😉  Starts at 6p!


I need to make something for the party besides hamburgers and brats.  I’m opening the can  making baked beans.  Mom’s making a dessert, Mike’s mom is making a veggie pizza and others will be pitching in.  So my question:

What is something easy I could make?  There WILL be Tostitos and BLUE CHIPS so I thought of making a mexican dip??



  1. Hey girl – maybe just do a super easy, fresh salsa? You could do corn, black beans, tomatoes, red onion, jalapeno and add in spices like salt, pepper, garlic, cumin, cilantro and some fresh lemon or lime juice.

  2. mmm..guacamole 🙂

    I had to enlarge the pic to see the doggie hiding in the back 😉

    It looks like scooby is invited to the party since his pic made it onto the invitation 😉

    I wish we lived closer…u know i would be there!!!!

  3. dang that picture totally schooled me!

    I like Heathers idea—you cant ever go wrong with salsa–plus, it’s good for you 🙂

  4. I say go with the trusty rote/velveeta cheese dip. I LOVE THAT STUFF!! In fact I get a cheat this weekend and I am whipping up some for me as an appetizer before I go for pizza. HA!

  5. Thanks for the invite but I’ll have to decline as I have a 14 mile run this weekend. Not to mention you live a little bit away from me 🙂

    Have fun!


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