I’m still snowbound here.  Luckily Hoosiers are very good at removing snow so the roads are driveable.  We got another 6″ yesterday!  I’m glad Boomer is tall LOL!


I have a rumbly in my tummy... t shirts by hvnsflnangel


My stomach has really been bothering me lately.  Everything I eat seems to upset it.  That’s why it’s time for me to do a round of Oxy Powder.  I’ve mentioned before that most laxitives and even the prep for the colonoscopy I had didn’t do anything for me.  This stuff never fails.

 Colon cleansing can help with a wide variety of disorders. In fact, several clinical studies were performed on Oxy-Powder and proved that the cleansing supplement has the ability to soothe both constipation and irritable bowel syndrome.

I know some people don’t believe in colon cleansing and that you should just let nature take it’s course.  All I have to say is I wish I had your digestive tract.


I’m going to do a 6 miler this afternoon.  Mike is doing a 15 miler.  I joke that we’ll get finished in the same amount of time.  Really mine will take an hour and he’ running at a 7:17 pace.  This morning I got up, threw on a back pack with 11 lbs in it and did some incline walking….only for 20 mins.  I had to do something while I was watching Mr. Rogers.


Random…this guy at work called me Rachel the other day.  That’s my sister’s name…how odd??


Are you watching the Super Bowl today?  They should have had it in Indy this year I guess since you Texan’s don’t know what ice and snow are LOL!  J/K  I said I feel sorry for you because when you live in the midwest you kind of sign up for that weather.  In the south you don’t.



  1. hope the tummy feels better soon. Never heard of that detox. Keep us posted.

  2. Go you adding weights while doing the incline walk!

    People call me Nicole all the time (my sisters name) and it annoys the hell out of me. I think they call me that though b/c Nicole is so similar to my last name but still, drives me batty.

    Good luck with your snow!

  3. Yep, we’ll definitely be watching the game. Go Packers!! lol

    TX actually gets snow once or twice a year in the winter, so we are familiar with it. We’ll also get a day or two of ice, but like most states, *nothing* compared to what we all just went through. TX just doesn’t have the equipment (enough sand, sand trucks, etc) for all of that. I’m just glad most of it has melted. We were so happy to be out of the house yesterday!!

  4. yay for weighted walking incline!
    boo for the snow! and yes,i got out while the gettin was good,lmao!!

    hope you enjoy the 6 miler and the superbowl…
    we are watching it at home with 2 sick girls and one stir crazy boy….
    oh the fun!

    now go get in those miles for me!

  5. Feel better!!! UGH is all I can say! 😉

    My mom’s name was Rachel!!!

    I will watch the commercials, not the game! 🙂

    I still have to get your book out.. sorry!

  6. Hope your tummy does better! I am so lucky, my GI tract is like iron and regular as clockwork.

    We are watching the SuperBowl at my folk’s house for the big party!

  7. Hi, been reading for a while but never commented before 🙂

    7:17 pace for 15 miles is my dream pace! good for him (your husband?)!

    No superbowl watching for me — it’s 70 degrees where I live in CA’s bay area! how could I stay inside!?

  8. I completely understand the pain and frustration of digestive issues. Blah. I’ve found that since I cut out the protein powders (boo) and stopped the 5 meals a day that my GI stuff has really calmed down (knock on wood). It’s not ideal but you do what you have to do!

    So happy the Packers won 🙂 but what was up with Fergie doing an Axl impression? Bru-tal.

    People call me Jennifer all the time. My parents wanted to name me that but my cousin beat me out by a mouth. Go figure.

    • Unfortunately I think it may be whey for me as well..i’m just trying everything else first 🙂

  9. I’ve taken the Oxypowder cleanse before. You aren’t lying when you say it never fails… I’m not big on doing “detoxes” but that stuff will get all the bad stuff out of you in just a couple of days. It really is a life-saver for those of us with intestinal disorders.

    • Yes, that stuff is no joke! Awesome blog btw!!!

  10. Brandi

    Gluten intolerant here, if I cut out my gluten for a month everything gets better, then I cave and have something and its all downhill from there. You have to be very careful and read every label on everything you use! Gluten can even come from beauty products! If you are intolerant it kills the little villi in your intestines, that why you have the tummy issues with it, you stop absorbing nutrients and everything passes through. I hate it. 😦

    Loving your blog!

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