Credit Is Due

You know the saying, give credit when it’s due.  Well this morning I put some droppers of the Vanilla Stevia that NuNaturals sent me into my oats and coffee and HOLY YUM!!!!!  If you are like me and think that stevia leaves an aftertaste give theirs a whirl.  I was seriously afraid to try it but man NO aftertaste I promise!


I had such a great weekend.  The weather was beautiful and Mike and I loved every minute of it.  I had a great cardio session yesterday followed buy this yummy looking snack.  Sure it’s not what I would like to have after a workout but it’s what was on my look good in a bikini plan.

Love 003

I wish I would have brought my camera to the car show Mike and I went to.  We drove the ’81 Corvette down there.  It’s not really a show but a place where people bring their old cars to show off.  I use to go with my family all the time when I was little.  It brings back so many memories being there…now with our own classic car.  He watched all the cars and I people watched 😉


Yesterday we officially booked our cruise!  The more the merrier so book yours now too 😉  Princess Cruise Lines- Western Caribbean April 3~10, Crown Princess Ship.  This will be our 3rd time on this ship and we have the same cabin 😀

What are you guys doing in there?

What are you guys doing in there?

I am glad to say that my energy levels and stamina are back.  I did a Cathe step workout also yesterday and passed with flying colors.  I can’t believe how dead I was Monday.  At least it’s gone.  Afterwards I had a cookie and milk…wha??  Okay not your typical cookie but to me it’s a cookie 🙂

Cookie and milk...yes please!

Cookie and milk...yes please!

Today Mike and I are taking Boomer hiking in the park.  She loves it!  I have my bis and tris to work later also.  Oh and someone is out of food and it’s not Mike or I.  A trip to the “puppy store” is in the works.



  1. April (Foods of April)

    What kind of cookie is that?? it looks delicious to me!!

  2. Ok… I want to scoop on that cookie & how you cook your chicken?? I HATE D.A.C. & crock pot chicken.

  3. Margarita

    Yeah girl! Share the cookie recipe!!! We are drooling ovah here!

  4. Okay but while i’m giving credit Angela gave me this recipe.

    2 scoops whey
    2 egg whites or 1 whole egg
    1 tsp baking powder
    2 pkts splenda or other sweetner(I don’t use any)
    some water
    1/4, 1/2 or no oats, whatever you’re in the mood for

    mix until batter forms, bake at 350 for 8 minutes

    I put some coffee beans in mine 😀

  5. Oh and this cookie above was made with 1 scoop whey and 1 egg white because that’s the macros I needed 😉 If I make 2 cookies, 2 get eaten 😉

  6. The classic car event sounds fun! Your little snack looks colorful and yummy – hope you’re having a great hike!!

  7. ana

    mmmm cookies looks yummy

  8. interesting that it has no aftertaste. i may have to try. i HATE the aftertaste! yay for the fun times with boomer!! such a sweetie with the head tilt. have a great day april!


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